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The third and final book of the Fifty trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, wraps up loose ends from previous books, and continues to follow Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey on their whirlwind romance. Filled with multiple story lines, intense sex scenes, and oodles of drama, the Fifty Shades Freed PDF is a perfect way to end the trilogy, written by British author, E.L. James.

The book opens with Anastasia and Grey on their honeymoon. The two are still up to their BDSM ways at times, but Christian has softened. In one scene, he feels bad for being too rough with Ana after realizing that he left visible marks on her skin. The couple is much more romantic with each other than in the previous two books, letting go of some of the banter between them, but the Fifty Shades Freed PDF download isn’t without drama. When they return from their honeymoon, they find their new house to have been vandalized by Ana’s old boss, who was beaten by Christian in the previous book after making a move on Anastasia.

The book continues to explore the relationship between Anastasia and her old boss, Jack, who plans to blackmail Ana. Without revealing too much, this particular storyline is very suspenseful. More of Christian’s ex-lovers come forward, who cause problems for Grey and Ana. Meanwhile, Anastasia’s father is hit by a drunk driver. All of this happens in the midst of Anastasia announcing her pregnancy to Christian, resulting in a night in the Red Room of Pain. Ana worries about the safety of herself and her baby while being married to such an unpredictable, troubled, controlling husband. All in all, there is a lot of action in this book.

Adding to the action are the sex scenes, which seem a bit steamier than the sex scenes in Fifty Shades Darker. There are a lot of well-done segments that take place in the Red Room of Pain, including a more tender scene towards the end of the book, showing how Christian’s character has grown. There is a bit of confusion as things are not explained to Ana, who is unaware of the true inner-workings of a dominant/submissive relationship. One scene is especially hard to make sense of for Ana, in which she understands that Christian is angry with her, but doesn’t understand that she is being punished and not pleasured. Although this is obvious to the reader, E.L. James expands on the scene in the “Author’s Notes” section, after the book.

Along with the Author’s Notes section, Freed has two bonus segments after the conclusion of the story; Meet Fifty Shades and Fifty’s First Christmas. Fifty’s first Christmas takes a look at Mr. Grey’s childhood, while Meet Fifty Shades goes back to when Christian and Ana first met. This time, their meeting is told from Grey’s perspective instead of Anastasia’s.

Overall, the Fifty Shades Freed PDF download is arguably the most exciting book of the trilogy. It offers action, drama, and lots of steamy sex. The book expands on what was previously learned about Mr. Grey, allowing the reader to become even more involved with the story. It is easy to become attached to the character of Christian Grey, who at times seems difficult and controlling, but manages to do it in such a way that is endearing. The knowledge of his past makes his personality flaws less jarring, and the reader wants to see him lead a happy, normal life. Meanwhile, Anastasia has her own inner struggles and does her best to give Christian what he needs without sacrificing her own values.