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Fifty Shades Darker PDF


Fifty Shades of Grey left many readers on the edge of their seats. Fifty Shades Darker picks up where the first book left off, while diving deeper into Christian Grey’s past. After Anastasia realizes that Mr. Grey’s appetite for S&M isn’t her cup of tea, she decides to break things off with the billionaire. Soon, Grey, comes to the realization that he is attached to Ana and doesn’t want to lose her. In the Fifty Shades Darker PDF download, Anastasia and Christian try to make a “normal” relationship work, while dealing with the issues that exist between them. Christian is who he is, after all, and has already proved to be too much for Ana to handle, but offers her more than a purely physical relationship.

While this book contains a lot of sex, it doesn’t seem as heavy on the sex scenes as Fifty Shades of Grey. Instead, readers are driven further into the story. From the beginning, this book has a lot of emotional scenes, some that are difficult to read at times. They all serve to give more depth to the characters and the story. Many fans of Fifty Shades of Grey were wondering about Christian Grey’s past, and this book provides some insight. After learning about his past, Grey’s controlling ways seem to make more sense. Christian also begins revealing bits of past to Anastasia, which is a huge step for both of them. Knowing about his past allows the reader to relate to Christian more than before and to sympathize with his plight. This may make the Fifty Shades Darker PDF a more entertaining read for those who were turned off by the explicit pacing of Fifty Shades of Grey.

There is a lot going on in this book, including Ana’s inner struggles. She doubts Grey’s sincerity, mostly from insecurity on her own part. In the free Fifty Shades Darker PDF download, Ana is working at a publishing company in Seattle, which makes her more independent than before. As with the first book, she constantly questions her relationship with Christian, and fantasizes about what it would be like to really have a relationship with Mr. Grey. Ana worries that Grey will not stay with her long-term, questioning his ability to handle a normal relationship. Grey still is too rough at times with Anastasia in the bedroom, but she stands up for herself. Other times, she gives in, which is good news for readers who enjoyed the BDSM sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey. Even with less sex than the first book of the trilogy, they still manage to have their trysts in the shower, the bedroom, a boat, an elevator, a pool table, and the list goes on. The Red Room of Pain is still present in the book, and Ana seems to be unable to resist it entirely. The book has a good balance of drama and heat.

This book has an element of surprise that the first book didn’t have, making for an interesting read. The book builds up to an exciting climax, while keeping the reader wondering what will happen next. Mr. Grey has a choice to make. Does he care enough about Ana to put his BDSM past aside, or will he decide that he cannot live a lie? Has he changed? Will Christian’s ex-lover ruin things for Ana? Overall, Fifty Shades Darker is a great addition to the Fifty Shades trilogy. The book has moments of drama and humor, while still including the sex scenes that make the Fifty Shades trilogy so wildly popular among women.